Koulthum Cisse

How would you describe yourself?

An extroverted introvert: I am naturally a very curious person; I love to learn about peoples experiences and their way of thinking which links into my extroverted side. I am also a deep thinker which links into my introverted side.

To sum myself up in 3 words I would say: passionate, loyal, and empathetic.


What interests you about your role and Eliot Partnership?

We help to shape the insurance industry by placing the best leadership talent. With our unique structure of one P&L globally, we can leverage our expertise without geographic restrictions.

I am passionate about partnering with my colleagues on creating operating process to provide them with the infrastructure to enable them to carry out their roles to a high standard.


What are your passions/hobbies?

I am a bit of a geography enthusiast which feeds into my hobby of travelling. I love seeing natural and man-made landmarks, experiencing new cultures and exploring the scenery that the world has to offer.


What is your biggest asset?

I am an optimist and see the glass as half full. I am a solution focussed individual and I can see the bigger picture (the outcome) but also look at the detailed roadmap of how we can get to the ideal outcome.


What is your most pertinent life hack/lesson?

“You are not them and that is your superpower” – your life experiences have shaped you to be who you are today, use your uniqueness to contribute to the world and help shape a better future by sharing your perspective.

Koulthum leads and manages our operational processes, by working in collaboration with all our internal departments, to drive operational efficiencies. She is also responsible for leading on projects aligned to our strategic objectives. Koulthum supports the development of our DEI committee and is dedicated to implementing and developing our initiatives globally.

Before joining Eliot Partnership, Koulthum worked at a Global FTSE 250 recruitment company for 10 years, taking on various roles, with the most recent 4 years as an Operations Manager. Koulthum has partnered with Clients in Banking and Financial Services, Technology, Life Sciences and Public Sector to place senior leaders on an interim basis.

In her spare time, Koulthum enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She is fluent in Swahili and frequently visits Tanzania where her maternal family reside.



3rd Floor
10 Bow Lane

+44 (0) 20 7726 9810