Andrew Eliot

How would you describe yourself?

I have been called lots of things (!) but inclusive has always been one of them! I am a naturally busy person…

What characteristics make a good headhunter?

Patience, informed knowledge, intuition, passion and courage.

What gives you meaning at work?

Seeing the team working together locally and globally. Making the Company better on every level, every day to ensure everyone can thrive within the business.

Describe your experience of building a company

There have been a range of emotions over the years but I have loved (most of!) every minute. There is so much support and care that we all have for each other. It has been exciting and exhilarating, but also nerve-wracking at times. Eliot Partnership has gone through all stages of growth and development – each has been unique, absorbing and fun. Seeing the team thrive makes it really fulfilling.

A scion of a Lloyd’s insurance family, in his early career Andrew worked as a banker at Hambros and a reinsurance broker at EW Payne, NMB and Nicholson Leslie (Aon).

In 1997 he joined the executive search industry, focusing on structured credit and ILS, initially at Baines Gwinner and then Heidrick & Struggles. In 2002 he co-founded a sector specialist focusing on the insurance and reinsurance markets until, in 2007, he founded Eliot Partnership.

He was educated at Radley and Exeter University, where he obtained a degree in Geography. He is married with two children and enjoys sport in all its guises.



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10 Bow Lane

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