Leah Dean

How would you describe yourself?

I am driven while flexible, direct while compassionate, and determined to make a difference in the lives of others.

What interests you about your role and Eliot Partnership?

It is not often that you find an opportunity that by design, was created to leverage all of your knowledge and experiences for the benefit of the team while impacting the future leadership and fabric of an industry.

What is your biggest asset?

My belief that hard work and openness opens doors.

What is your most pertinent life hack/lesson?

I believe that every day we design the life we walk into. That means no matter our past successes or failures, every day is an opportunity to try something new and make an impact.


Based in Bermuda, Leah will support the strategic growth of the North American region, focusing primarily on the Bermuda market and its interaction with global clients.

Leah previously worked in the Insurance/Reinsurance industry for over twenty years in a variety of global and executive human resources and shared services roles, including Senior Vice President, Head of Group of Human Resources at Renaissance Re, and Vice President, Global Generalist & Director of Human Resources (Bermuda) at XL Group.

Passionate about the development of leaders, today, she works with clients in various industries across the globe to create HR and leadership strategies designed to build connected, inclusive teams that deliver results.  She is the author of the best-selling book, Assemble the Tribe, and is the founder of a women’s leadership program. Leah holds an MBA Degree from St. John’s University and is a certified Strengths Coach.

In her spare time, Leah enjoys spending time with her family and various tribes, long walks, and writing.