Josie McAdam

How would you describe yourself?

Personable, intelligent, and committed. I thrive in collaborative environments, where everyone is working together as a team to achieve the same goal. I’m easy to talk to and enjoy meeting new people.

What are your passions / hobbies?

I have a great passion for literature, specifically Victorian literature. I also am a photographer, focusing in both nature shots and more artistic shots, as well as production shots for theatre productions.

What gives you meaning at work?

Working with people who have a clear passion for what they do, and are getting enjoyment from it.

What would you like to explore and learn?

I’ve always been a curious person who finds interest in a wide range of subjects. The move from arts administration to insurance / recruiting brought something new to learn, and I have enjoyed diving into it. Because of my curious brain, I tend to have a dense amount of trivia knowledge on a huge range of random subjects!

She brings with her an interesting background, both in the insurance and theatre industries. She worked in arts administration for eight years, deciding to make a career change from non-profit to the corporate world.

She has a BA from Manhattanville college in Theatre, with a double minor in English and Psychology. When she has the time, she still enjoys directing shows in New York.

New York

New York

125 Park Avenue
Floor 25
New York
NY 10017

+1 646 851 2100